Benefits of Coaching

Why should I pay someone to coach me?

In this day and age, one hardly has time to truly listen to close friends, or vice versa. A personal Life Coach can fill this gap, plus in some situations it proves to be more effective to have a go-to person outside of one’s frame of reference that can listen objectively and without judgement.

Working with a Life Coach on a steady basis can have deep and compelling results for the client. Sometimes a client will have an a-ha moment during a session, and other times revelations come to them during the week as they mull the conversation over in their head. Long-term clients will confess that they are a better person as a result of working with a life coach.

Coaching focuses on a specific way of “learning”. It is believed that “the more an individual is involved in identifying problems, in working out and applying solutions for them and in reviewing results, the more complete and the more long-lasting the learning is. This form of self-improvement tends to bring about learning with a deeper understanding than learning that is taught.” Redshaw

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