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Career Direct ® assist with...

Career Direct ® assist with career and educational choices.  It is a revolutionary online assessment that combines biblical principles of talent stewardship with cutting-edge career guidance technology and statistics.  We focus on four key dimensions of a person’s design–Personality, Interests, Skills, and Values.  Career Direct ®has 20+ years of development and has been rigorously tested and validated for accuracy. Nearly 200,000 clients, including adults and students, have benefited from Career Direct ® .

Designed for those who want to make the best choice for a career path:

  • Student’s making subject choices for school
  • Young adults making subject choices for university
  • Adults wanting to transition into a new career

Once the assessment is completed, a feedback session is conducted, discussing environments and possible careers most suitable for your profile.

Through further optional coaching sessions, a step by step action plan can be devised.

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