Life Plan Facilitation

Life Purpose Facilitations ® with...

Life Purpose Facilitations® with GAP Coaching are private, face-to-face sessions away from everyday life. Life Purpose Facilitations® are suitable for Christians from all walks of life, including adolescents, adults and couples. This very unique approach utilises the globally tested Your Life on the Movie Screen® technology, with a client as the main character venturing on a journey of purpose discovery that aims at empowering individuals. The duration of Life Purpose Facilitations® are one to two full days, during which, time is spent unlocking stories and “connecting the dots” that lead the client into discovering their personality, passions and strengths.

Through Life Purpose Facilitations® GAP Coaching strives to encourage and better equip individuals in overcoming personal and professional obstacles in their lives.

After completing a Life Purpose Facilitation® with GAP Coaching the client walks away with a strategic plan for each area of their lives.

  • Adult Individual Life Plan (two days) – price on request
  • Young Adult Life Plans, ages 17-22 (one day) – price on request
  • Couples facilitations (one day) – price on request
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