Professional Certified Life Coach Training

GAP Coaching, in partnership with...

GAP Coaching, in partnership with Dr Katherine Brazelton’s Life Purpose Coaching Centres International®, are training, preparing, and equipping 25 to 65 year-old men and women around the world who want to help others discover and fulfil purpose in their lives.

The Professional Certified Life Coach certification consists of 5 tracks (modules), and teaches three enviable coaching methods: 25 minute Laser, 50 minute traditional and 2 Day!  PCLC certification includes two coach niche designations: Life Purpose Coach® and Strategic 2-Day LifePlan Coach.  For more information, please request a brochure.

Training is conducted face-to-face or online and sessions are tailored for the individual or group with mutually agreeable dates.

The training process include a virtual classroom that will be unlocked once tuition fees are paid in full. All workbooks and other relevant training tools is available in the virtual classroom.

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