Strengths Finder

Over 50 years of research...

Over 50 years of research conducted by The Gallup Organization suggests that the most effective people are those who understand their strengths and behaviours.  An awareness and understanding of your natural talents will provide insight into the core reasons behind your thinking and conduct.  This exciting tool helps the individual, couples and/or group to develop their signature strengths and live their unique design to the fullest.

Creating a strengths-based culture in your group or organisation, has proven to increase productivity, employee engagement and bottom line.  Strengths coaching is a potent tool used to engage employees and groups on a new level, thus delivering results and unity to your organisation/team, beyond expectation.  When an across board understanding of each individual’s unique strengths and talents are created – and are correctly utilised – performance explodes.

We use a state of the art online assessment tool that accurately measures your top 5 or 34 natural strengths.  Once your assessment is completed, a feedback session is conducted, discussing how your strengths currently plays out in your life, deciding if you are constructively utilising your strengths to give you a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.  Through coaching sessions we then maximise your natural ability to display itself in all areas of your life powerfully and effectively.

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