Happy Clients

Take-a-Gap business brunch was really good and I wish we could have more of this courses. MG

Take-a-GAP Business Brunch was really an eye opener for me. I did a self-introspection on my way home, searching myself and asking myself a lot of questions. MS

Time with GAP Coaching, was time and money well spent. CS

I found the event interesting and liked the part about influence and integrity going hand in hand, the session was very nice, thank you. DB

It has been such a blessing working with Sanel since 2013.  She has been an immense support and guide through my journey of discovering and living my God given passion and purpose. Sanel works through a powerful Godly and Holy Spirit driven process.  She is a great listener and councilor.  Thank you Sanel for your endless love and support on my personal journey to find and live my God given passion and purpose to reach my full potential!

First of all thank you so much for taking the time to inspire people. I feel that God has big things planned for your life! You are a stunning lady with a big heart and  God loves a woman with a pure heart. I have learned so much from you in just 1 hour. I will now strive to be a woman with integrity and influence. This has been so inspiring! BB

I had a very negative view of myself but you helped change that into a positive self-awareness.

My sessions with you helped me accept who I am and to see the strengths I bring to the world. For a very long time I had struggled to accept that the type of person I am and the strengths I possess were of any good use, as a result I could not believe that I could achieve anything of significance.

I learnt to be patient with myself and the learning journey I am on. As a result I have more peace and hope for the future. I particular enjoyed your insight that was coupled with the Word of God. I grew and continue to grow from your practical advise on how to plan and prioritize.

I also believe your own life example worked to encourage me on my own personal journey.

I thank God for using you to shape me. Thank you to you Sanel really for all your support, prayer and advice. A part of my success in my work but also in life can be traced to our hour long phone sessions. PM

I found the venue set-up, the lunch, refreshments and attention to detail excellent.  The content of the course was enlightening and presented well, the personal anecdotes gave a special touch. To me it was time well spent and great value for money. I will definitely recommend this to others.  MS

To Me Career Direct was an opportunity to find what type of person I am and the strengths I have; but in the same sentence the things that are challenging to me. It gave me insight into the way I think and the possibilities of a future career path that will be suitable for me.  It opened my eyes to different possibilities.  Career Direct opened doors for me and my future career.  CG

Practical, humoristic and informative guidance. Leaves so much valuable information to continue thinking about long after you leave the session. HK

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